The Neo


The Neo is built on the same platform as the Tyfoon but is 11mm thinner throughout the shape. It shares the same legendary all round performance. But the smaller package makes it very forgiving in variable terrain and conditions, yet still has plenty of flotation for surfing the pow.


LENGTH             DIMENSIONS         RADIUS                  WEIGHT (kg)                  A.R.T.
186cm                 134-101-117              26.5                            3.7                     Tip: 30 Tail: 20
177cm                 132-101-115              23                               3.4                     Tip: 27 Tail: 17
168cm                 129-100-113              22                               3.0                     Tip: 40 Tail: 25

Key Features:

Fully handcrafted in Pemberton, BC.
Solid Yellow Cedar core, creates a damp and stable ride.
Active Rocker Technology (A.R.T.) creates a long, stable ride or short and nimble ski depending on the terrain.
Durasurf 4001 graphite black base. The toughest & fastest base material available.
Urethane side walls, made in-house and bonded on a molecular level, rather than a standard surface bond.
Foon Factory finish includes a Montana diamond finish base grind and hand tune.
Also available in Custom Carbon model. More...

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