The Redneck Superstar Custom Carbon


Foon Skis' Fattest Ride. Built for Pow.
If you've figured out a way to ski powder all the time this is the ski for you. Daaamp like a rainforest with no speed limit. This skis has a flex pattern focused at the tip and tail and is solid under foot.
On all our Custom Carbon models we work with you to customize the ski's flex to match the way you ride. Generally, bigger and more aggressive skiers like a stiffer flex an smaller lighter riders prefer a softer flex. But, terrain, snow, style and personal preference are all factors in the equation.

We also replace the upper layer of Triaxial Fibreglass found on the standard model with Carbon Fibre, Texallium and a very thin second layer of wood. This makes the skis approximately 200 grams lighter per pair (1/2 pound), without sacrificing any of that legendary Foon Skis dampness.

180cm 153-123-133 25 30.8 Tip: 28 Tail: 20
190cm 155-123-135 32 3.2

Tip: 30 Tail: 22


Key Features:

  • Custom flex pattern to match the way you ride.
  • Carbon Fiber layer makes each pair lighter and adds torsional rigidity.
  • Custom Carbon Yellow Cedar top sheet.
  • Fully handcrafted in Pemberton, BC.
  • Solid Yellow Cedar core, creates a damp and stable ride.
  • Active Rocker Technology (A.R.T.) creates a long, stable ride or short and nimble ski depending on the terrain.
  • Durasurf 4001 graphite black base. The toughest and fastest base material available.
  • Urethane side walls, made in-house and bonded on a molecular level, rather than a standard surface bond.
  • Foon Factory finish which includes a base grind and hand tune.

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