The Squall, Kid Skis


Help your Little Ripper tear it up!
The Squall is the a mini version of the Tyfoon. Handcrafted with a full "adult" shape.

Kids skis often aren't made to the same standards as their adult counterparts. We see little rippers getting into deep powder or crud after a snowfall and just not being able to operate.  Give these same kids a ski that's fat and rocked and all of a sudden the howls turn into laughter as they float up, get control and WANT to ski. Like the Tyfoon this ski still rips on groomers and hardpack and easy for those still learning to turn. Check them out and your little ripper will never look back. 



125cm 116-89-105
140cm 121-94-110
155cm 127-100-116


Key Features:

  • Fully handcrafted in Pemberton, BC.
  • Solid Yellow Cedar core, creates a damp and stable ride.
  • Active Rocker Technology (A.R.T.) creates a long, stable ride or short and nimble ski depending on the terrain.
  • Built with a subtle rocker in the tail smoothes out the end of the turn, when combined with camber underfoot it makes the skis perform well and easy to turn.
  • Durasurf 4001 graphite black base. The toughest & fastest base material available.
  • Urethane side walls, made in-house and bonded on a molecular level, rather than a standard surface bond.
  • Foon Factory finish includes a Montana diamond finish base grind and hand tune.

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